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Motel “Na Zbójeckiej” is situated at the international road E77 Kraków – Chyżne, which is at the same time section of road number  from Kraków to Zakopane.

The Motel lies at the height of 644 meters above the sea level, on a slope of a mountain – “Zbójecka” * - from which the Motel’s name comes. Right here in 18th century there was a trade route called “Via Reggia” which means - the Royal Route. Merchant carts travelling by, filled with salt, skins, lead, wine, copper and silver were subject to assaults by robbers, living in surrounding forests.

* Zbój – means a robber; Zbójecka – is an adjective, it can also mean:
belonging to a robber

It is said that their loot, hidden in nearby caves, still  remains there, but this is the only thing that can remind us of those cruel people. Now, inhabitants of this land welcome their guests with hospitality and warmth.  

On the Motel grounds you can find secluded places to relax, and for children we have a playground ready.

For our guests we have rooms of two different standards:

  • tourist – 12 rooms with TV SAT,  washbasin. 
     WC and shower on every corridor.

  • higher – 15 rooms with  WC, shower, TV SAT,  air-condition, telephone and a safe. You can also use  internet - totally free   

A billiard room is also available to spend some spare time.


From the Motel you can go for walks in the mountains using a red trail connecting Babia Góra Mountain with Gorce and Beskid Wyspowy.